Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A "cool" Leucistic Dunlin

This is not another "Winter's Tale", it's from this summer, but it is a "cool" story.  I have christened the shorebird shown below "Luke" because of its leucism.

Yesterday, a birder friend told me about a Leucistic Dunlin that had been seen in Cobourg Harbour.  It was seen first on July 12th by another mutual friend from Cobourg (Ontario).  I "rushed" over to look for it, and found it on the west side, where it had been seen previously. 

I took over 70 photos of "Luke" between 9.40 am and 10.15 am, including a few movies. It seemed unconcerned by the nearby Kayakers or by me.  I stood still for several minutes and it came quite close to me, as you can judged by the photographs.
There are more pictures of this Leucistic Dunlin to be viewed - here
For comparison, below is a picture of a "normal" Dunlin, in breeding plumage.
More pictures of Dunlin in breeding plumage can be found - here.

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  1. Good afternoon (at least it is here in the UK).

    I enjoyed looking at this blog very much as I am researching a blog of my own for our Wader Quest website about leucistic shorebirds. My reason for contacting you was to ask if you would give me permission to use one or more of the photos in this blog to illustrate that blog. If you would prefer to answer via email it is

    Thank you in anticipation.